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Unformatted text preview: Definition Paper Definition Paper Introduction Introduction In the introduction, begin with an explanation of what it is you will be evaluating. Include a definition of the word in quotations (to meet requirement) and add parenthetical citation at end Example Example Meriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines eavesdrop as “to listen secretly to what is said in private.” Eavesdropping is a popular term, though often negatively viewed. Where once it was merely used by people listening to others, it has advanced technologically. Devices used for this include a process known as Van Eck phreaking, used by the U.S. government. Whatever the view, the word eavesdrop has many connotations. Second Paragraph Second Paragraph Using the etymonline dictionary list the original meaning of the term and the language it originated from. If given, mention on how it was used (medically, lit, etc.) Example Example Its first use was a literal one, to describe the rain falling or dropping off the eave of a roof. According to etymonline it is from Old english yfesdrype "place around a house where the rainwater drips off the roof…" The use of this was similar in that the water could fall on and destroy a neighbor’s land, very much like eavesdropping can destroy someone else’s life. For the most part, however, an eavesdrop is looked more upon as listening and the drop lands up disappearing into a gutter and downspout of a roof. downspout Cultural and Stipulative Cultural and Stipulative Most commonly accepted view of the word. This should be what it means to general society, based on views of culture in movies, speech, videos, tv, or news. Example Example Eavesdropping is currently views by most people in society to be listening to discussions that one should not. It is usually done without permission. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security currently uses eavesdropping in the form of wire tapping in order to attempt would be terrorists from completing their plots. Negative Negative Looks at how the word is used in negative ways. This can be related to the examples for a cultural view, though it should be separate and the cultural view should be less biased. Example Example Cell phones can record speech and pictures which is not truly freedom of speech and violates privacy. Eavesdropping can create rumors and destroy people’s lives. These eavesdropped discussions then can be posted online and lead to detrimental bullying and possibly suicide. Hackers use techniques in eavedropping to violate victims. Conclusion Conclusion The conclusion should sum up your personal evaluation without using “I.” This should be based on the facts and scenarios developed in the essay as well as looking at how the general public would view it. Works cited Works cited “eavesdrop” m­ Meriam Webster Incorporated, 2011. Web. 27 March 2011. “eavesdrop” online etymology dictionary. Harper Douglas, 2001­ 2010. Web. 27 March 2011. ...
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