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Etymology Assignment (to assist with definition paper) Etymology is the history of a given word, including pronunciation, language origin, and definitions A. Assignment: Choose a word and look it up in the following dictionaries: Merriam-Webster online ( ) Etymology dictionary ( ) Oxford English Dictionary ( ) 1. Word: 2. What does the word mean in Merriam-Webster? 3. What language is it from: Tips: OE=old English ME=middle English L=Latin Gk=Greek Fr=French 4. What did the word mean in its original language:
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Unformatted text preview: B. Using the free dictionary ( ), look up your word. On the top of the page where it says also found in. 5. List two other areas your word can be looked in 6. Click on one of those subheadings and list briefly the definition it gives: Etymology Quiz Directions: In one sentence, answer what do you think is the original meaning for the following words: Avocado Assassin Broke Chew the Fat Essay Graveyard Shift Rain Cats and Dogs...
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defprac - B Using the free dictionary...

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