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descript2 essay - nervous. I have been lost many times, and...

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Many people in their life had moved to a different country. Most of them found the move to be very stressful. I had experienced many difficult situation after arriving to United States. Without friends and family, without knowing the city, and not having a job waiting for me, I started my new life. My family has a lot of members. I have three sisters and many cousins. We have always been very close, but they all stayed in Poland. All my friends too. The loneliness was the worst. . I had tried to keep myself busy and not to call them too often. The first couple of months were very depressing. Everything changed when I met new people and had somebody to talk with. I felt like home again. Getting to know the city was challenging. Everything looked the same to me. The same looking streets, and buildings, and my poor sense of direction were making me
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Unformatted text preview: nervous. I have been lost many times, and then I decided to buy a GPS. That little thing made my life much easier. One of the reasons why people are changing their country of living is a job opportunity. Better job means better life. This is a goal for the most emigrants. The economical situation in Poland is very difficult especially for young people with no job experience. I am not afraid of working, because being independent is very important to me. My first job was my first success. Many things had changed since I came to U.S.A. I still miss my family, and my old friends. Sometimes I have problem with directions. My life is different than four years 1 ago, but Iwill always remember my first days when I arrived. 2...
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descript2 essay - nervous. I have been lost many times, and...

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