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research paper1 - Discrimination against HIV Carriers...

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Discrimination against HIV Carriers Discrimination could happen anywhere one can be discriminated for their culture, religion, sex, or even for the way one thinks. Discrimination means negative attitudes, negative behavior, and negative thoughts towards others. The people who discriminate against others think that they are superior to them and they could do what they please. There are many ways in which one could discriminate others, and one example of discrimination is discrimination against people who are living with the HIV virus. HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus, is one of the most serious problems that people are facing in the present. HIV could lead to AIDS which will make the humans’ immune system fail and lead to life threatening infections. The only ways in which HIV could be transmitted are by blood, vaginal fluid, semen, pre-ejaculate, or breast milk. There are four major routes of transmission and they are: unprotected sexual intercourse, contaminated needles, breast milk, and the transmission from an infected mother to her baby when giving birth. Researches have not found an effective treatment or vaccine that can cure it. According to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World Health Organization there have been more than 25 million people killed by this virus since it was first recognized. HIV carriers face many issues and besides that, some of them have to deal with the rejection from some people. “HIV 1-2.” Why do many people discriminate people infected with HIV? That is the question which many of us ask. An answer could be that they discriminate them
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Reyes because of the misconceptions of HIV transmission. Even though doctors and researches have said how one can get infected there are some people who still
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research paper1 - Discrimination against HIV Carriers...

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