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research paper2 - TobaccoAddiction Tobacco at first wasan...

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TobaccoAddiction Tobacco at first wasan agricultural product, andone of the most widespread commercially grown plants.Tobacco usually grows four to six feet high and bears pink flowers and huge leaves, as high as two to three feet and about half as wide. After processing, tobacco leaves are used in various ways for smoking, snuffing, chewing, and extracting nicotine. Tobacco is native to South America, Mexico, and the West Indies. According to Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary : The use of tobacco creates more preventable disability and death than the use ofany other commercially available product. The tobacco leaf contains nicotine, a highly addictive alkaloid, and numerous other chemicals. During its combustion, it releases thousands of hydrocarbons into the oral, digestive, and respiratory tract of the smoker. These substances have been linked to coronary and peripheral arterial disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, peptic ulcer disease and cancer of the lungs, oral cavity, and gastrointestinal tract. P.J.Hilts in the New York Times newspaper published a research article, “Is Nicotine Addictive? It Depends on Whose Criteria You Use”, whereDr. Jack Henningfield Brzicova 2 Ph.D., Neal L.Benowitz M.D.and other experts comparedthe drugs methadone, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc.based on their addictiveness rating. They came up with a list of the top twenty most addictive substances in the world. For example LSD took seventeenth
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place with an addiction likelihood of 32%.Cannabis took fifteenth place with an addiction likelihoodof 42%.Caffeine occupied thirteenth place with an addiction likelihood of 67%. Alcohol addiction was a likelihood of 82%and tenth place, and heroininsixth position and with an addiction likelihood of 87.5%.The second place is occupied with crack and its addiction likelihood is 95.5%. First place belongs to tobacco with an addiction likelihood of96.5%. Tobacco is,without a doubt,the most addictive substance in the world.
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research paper2 - TobaccoAddiction Tobacco at first wasan...

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