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Research Paper During World War II, the German war machine discovered a necessity for a weapon that was capable of automatic fire, yet accurate at a distance. In 1944, such a weapon was developed and Adolf Hitler titled it the Sturmgewehr or the Storm Gun (as in to storm or assault a position, which later gave name to the Assault Rifle class of weapons systems). After World War II, many nations were impressed by the effectiveness of the rifle and set out to create their own. The most notable and recognizable of these is the Russian AK-47 or Avtomat Kalashnikova (Automatic Kalashnikov), named after Mikhail Kalashnikov who developed the rifle in 1947. After many semi-automatic attempts, the United States finally created a fully automatic rifle designated as the M-16 (earlier proto-types were designated XM16E1). Ever since the AK47 and M16 met in the Vietnam War, the debate has raged over which rifle is better. The rifles have many differences, mainly the accuracy, ballistics, and reliability of the rifles, but in most cases, the M16 surpasses the AK47. Accuracy is a major factor with a weapons design, it could be powerful enough to circumvent the globe and still have enough energy to kill, but that doesn’t amount to anything if it can’t hit its target. Recoil is a major factor of how accurate a gun is, when a gun is fried, expanding gases from the gun powder force the bullet down the barrel of the gun, and one of Newton’s laws is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so the gas pushes
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researchsample - Research Paper During World War II, the...

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