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Amphoterism Examples of amphoteric species are hydroxides of elements with intermediate electronegativity. Zn and Al hydroxides for example. Zn(OH) 2 behaves as a base in presence of strong acids. Amphoterism Molecular equation for the reaction of zinc hydroxide with nitric acid. Total ionic equation Net ionic equation Amphoterism Look at this reaction in more structural detail. Amphoterism Zn(OH) 2 behaves as an acid in presence of strong bases.
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Unformatted text preview: Molecular equation Zn(OH) 2 + 2KOH ® K 2 Zn(OH) 4 Zn(OH) 2 is insoluble until it reacts with KOH Amphoterism Net ionic equation – You do it! Strengths of Acids For binary acids , acid strength increases with decreasing H-X bond strength. For example, the hydrohalic binary acids Bond strength has this periodic trend. HF >> HCl > HBr > HI Acid strength has the reverse trend. HF << HCl < HBr < HI Strengths of Acids...
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