Similarly for weak bases

Similarly for weak bases
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Similarly for weak bases. The BrØnsted-Lowry Theory Since NH 3 is a weak base, NH 4 + must be a strong acid. NH 4 + gives up H + to reform NH 3 . Compare that to NaOH ® Na + (aq) + OH - (aq) Na + must be a weak acid or it would recombine to form NaOH Remember NaOH ionizes 100%. NaOH is a strong base. The BrØnsted-Lowry Theory Amines are weak bases that behave similarly to ammonia. The functional group for amines is an -NH 2 group attached to other organic groups. The Autoionization of Water Water can be either an acid or base in Bronsted-Lowry theory. Consequently, water can react with itself.
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