biochem extra credit - There are a number of different...

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There are a number of different theories as to why biological life uses only the L enantiomer. One theory is that meteorites have brought amino acids to this planet that are in an excess of the L-enantiomer. It is believed that, “amino acids such as isovaline that are rare in this terrestrial biosphere may have transferred chirality to biogenic compounds as catalysts in chemical reactions”. Some believe that this may be proof there was aqueous water on the meteorite at some point in time and that is what induced the minerals to be altered causing an enantiomeric excess. This also implies that there may actually be life out there besides ourselves in which they rely on almost the same principle of using amino acids as building blocks. However some believe that the amino acids present on the meteor could have been from our planet since the meteors we find usually aren’t found for years after they landed on the earth’s surface. This theory was challenged by the Murchison meteorite since we found samples very soon after it struck the planets surface, and it had quite rare amino acids not usually present on the earths surface embedded in it. Another theory is that amino acid crystals could have brought about the excess. When most racemic amino acids form crystals the crystals are also racemic. The crystal
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biochem extra credit - There are a number of different...

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