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BSCI105, Freshman Connection Fall 2010 Major Points, Lecture 24 (Chapter 45) 1. Where are "neurosecretory hormones" produced? 2. What are the two major components of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis? 3. Name two major endocrine glands involved in metabolic regulation that are regulated by anterior pituitary hormones. 4. What are two things that are regulated by the thyroid gland? 5. What do the parathyroid glands regulate? 6. Name two hormones secreted by the endocrine pancreas and define their what they do. 7. What does the adrenal medulla secrete? What is it's effect on blood glucose?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What is the effect of adrenal glococorticoid hormones on blood glucose level? 9. Name three sources of endocrine regulation of blood glucose levels. 10. Name three endocrine organs involved in the regulated secretion of thyroid hormone. 11. What regulatory principle is illustrated by the effects of parathyroid hormone? 12. What are two short term effects of adrenal stimulation on metabolism? 13. What is one long term effect of adrenal stimulation on metabolism?...
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