Major Points, Lecture 26 SS10

Major Points, Lecture 26 SS10 - 14 What do we call...

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BSCI105, Freshman Connection Fall 2010 Major Points, Lecture 26 (Chapter 19) 1. What are the three most common types of chromosomal mutation? 2. What is one way genes get duplicated on a chromosome? 3. Define translocation. 4. What is a chromosomal inversion? What does it change? 5. What do we call problems caused by heritable mutations? 6. Are heritable mutations always bad? 7. What are the two required components of a virus? 8. What are two other features a virus might have? 9. Describe the structure of a helical virus. 10. What is are the individual protein units in the viral capsid called? 11. How might you describe the shape of an icosahedral virus? 12. What is the defining structure of the envelope viruses? What is it made of? 13. Where does the envelope come? Where do the associated glycoproteins come from?
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Unformatted text preview: 14. What do we call bacterial viruses? 15. What special structure is attached to their capsid? What does it do? 16. What is the viral genome composed of (molecularly)? 17. Compare three ways viral RNA genomes might function in a cell. 18. What is the function of RNA dependant RNA polymerase? 19. What is the function of reverse transcriptase? 20. What are the five major steps in the general viral life cycle? 21. Describe the series of steps that occur in the lytic cycle of bacteriophage. 22. Describe what happens during the lysogenic phase of the bacteriophage life cycle. 23. What is virulence? 24. Compare the lytic and lysogenic phases to the life cycle of a retrovirus....
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Major Points, Lecture 26 SS10 - 14 What do we call...

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