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Study Guide, Chapter 4

Study Guide, Chapter 4 - length and structure Key Concept 3...

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BSCI105, Freshman Connection Fall 2010 Study Guide #4 I. Basic Organic Chemistry Vocabulary: Isomer Enantomer Hydroxyl Carbonyl Carboxyl Amino Sulfhydryl Phosphate Methyl Aldehyde Ketone Key Concept 1: Carbon maximizes diversity of organic molecules through four valence electrons forming compounds with tetrahedral shapes. Key Concept 2: Carbon chains form the backbone of all organic molecules, which differ in
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Unformatted text preview: length and structure. Key Concept 3: Isomers are structural variations on molecules that increase diversity of organic compounds. Key Concept 4: Functional groups along the carbon backbone provide additional molecular diversity by modifying the chemical properties of organic molecules....
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