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BSCI105, Freshman Connection Fall 2010 Study Guide #9 I. Multicellularity Key Concept 1: Multicellular organisms depend on signaling mechanisms to coordinate cellular processes, distribution of resources, developmental patterning, etc. Key Concept 2: Short range chemical signals are critical for patterning developing tissues, while long range chemical signals are needed to coordinate processes at a distance. Key Concept 3: Neurons provide a specialized mechanism for long-range control of cellular processes through cellular signals. Key Concept 4: One signal can have multiple meanings in different cell types, allowing
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Unformatted text preview: coordination of complex sets of responses. Key Concept 5: The levels of signaling molecules may be regulated by feedback loops, where the current level of signal determines the future level of signal. Key Concept 6: Feedback loops can be positive (have some > make even more) or, more commonly, negative (have enough > make less). Key Concept 7: A single homeostatic process can be regulated by the interaction of antagonistic feedback loops that respond oppositely to the same stimulus....
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