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English 411/Lindsay ESSAY #1 OPTIONS: Spring 2011 1. In an essay, compare and contrast the sergeant in Vonnegut’s short story, “D.P,” and Sargent in Hughes’ “On the Road.” Then, discuss what insight we gain about each story by taking into account the writers’ choice of rank or name. (Note: While the physical characteristics of the two men will clearly be a part of your comparison, make sure to also focus on similarities and/or differences in the two men’s personalities, their motivations and/or needs. You may draw upon ideas that come out of the chart that we worked on as a class, but do not feel confined by these ideas, and do not use the chart as a way of organizing your essay.) See below for ideas about comparing and contrasting. 2. In an essay, discuss how Vonnegut’s and Hugh’s choice of setting deepens our understanding of each story’s characters, mood, plots and/or themes. Setting includes: place (note all of the small details related to the place, especially in “D.P.”) time (historic time; season of the year/weather; time of the day) Some elements of the setting (the river or snow, for instance) might be symbolic. Other elements of the setting, time of the day or season for instance, might simply add to the overall mood of the story. On organizing: you do not need to organize this as a comparison or contrast. You may simply begin your discussion with one story, and then move to the next.
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on_the_road_and_DP_essay_f09 - English 411/Lindsay ESSAY#1...

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