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Answers to Assignment# 3 Chapter 6 14. Freely Floating Exchange Rates. Should the governments of Asian countries allow their currencies to float freely? What would be the advantages of letting their currencies float freely? What would be the disadvantages? ANSWER: A freely floating currency may allow the exchange rate to adjust to market conditions, which can stabilize flows of funds between countries. If there is a larger amount of funds going out versus coming in, the exchange rate will weaken due to the forces and the flows may change because the currency has become cheaper; this discourages further outflows. Yet, a disadvantage is that speculators may take positions that force a freely floating currency to deviate far from what is perceived to be a desirable exchange rate. Chapter 7 2. Locational Arbitrage. Assume the following information: Beal Bank Yardley Bank Bid price of New Zealand dollar $.401 $.398 Ask price of New Zealand dollar $.404 $.400 Given this information, is locational arbitrage possible? If so, explain the steps involved in locational arbitrage, and compute the profit from this arbitrage if you had $1,000,000 to use. What market forces would occur to eliminate any further possibilities of locational arbitrage? ANSWER: Yes! One could purchase New Zealand dollars at Yardley Bank for $.400 and sell them to Beal Bank for $.401. With $1 million available, 2.5 million New Zealand dollars could be purchased at Yardley Bank. These New Zealand dollars could then be sold to Beal Bank for $1,002,500, thereby generating a profit of $2,500. The large demand for New Zealand dollars at Yardley Bank will force this bank’s ask price on New Zealand dollars to increase. The large sales of New Zealand dollars to Beal Bank will force its bid price down. Once the ask price of Yardley Bank is no longer less than the bid price of Beal Bank, locational arbitrage will no longer be beneficial. 4.
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