Tutorial for Term Test 2

Tutorial for Term Test 2 - Preparatory Tutorial for test 2...

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Preparatory Tutorial for test 2 Scheduled for October 29 , 2010 ( 4:30 to 5:30 PM ) Please be reminded to bubble your exam computer card carefully. Students will earn a grade of zero for any card that the computer is unable to read due to carelessness of your part. Sorry, no exception. Seating Plan is as in Test 1. See previous UWACE test 1 announcement page again if you need a reminder. Coverage As indicated in your course outline, ( you can access via the Lesson menu in the course ACE web page), our lectures and the general coverage of this test include chapters 8, 9, 10( P. 228-229only) and 11 . However, due to the cumulative knowledge required for this course, students may be given questions which required understanding of previously learned materials such as the law of demand or concepts on elasticities . There are about 35 questions in Test 2. A few questions in test 2 require your ability to derive information from tables or from diagrams, such as indifference curves budget lines and cost curves etc. Below are review topics of special interest for Test 2. General Comment The review questions/ topics are listed to help you prepare better for the forthcoming test. It is NOT MEANT for students to seek once-quick over answers. If you are somewhat uncomfortable with the following topics/ questions, it is an
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Tutorial for Term Test 2 - Preparatory Tutorial for test 2...

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