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CS 246 (Spring 2011) Comments and corrections for Thurs June 30 (Section 001) ======================================================== Correction to slides 16 and 17 ------------------------------ These slides refer to the displayRating routine below: void displayRating(Game &g) { cout << "Rating for " << g.getName() << " is " << g.getRating() << endl; } In the following example: ElectronicGame e; BoardGame b("Monopoly", 3, 62); displayRating(e); displayRating(b);
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Unformatted text preview: The getName() and getRating() routines within the base class Game will be called, *not* the routines within ElectronicGame and BoardGame. The reason is because getName and getRating are not declared virtual in the Game class. This point was emphasized many times during the July 5th and July 7th lectures, but I am posting this correction in case you missed these two lectures, as this is an important point to correct in your notes....
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