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midterm1-prac_wi11 grinstein - Physics 2A, Sec X00:...

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Physics 2A, Sec X00: Mechanics -- Winter 2011 Instructor: B. Grinstein Mid Term #1 INSTRUCTIONS: Use a pencil #2 to f ll your scantron. Write your code number and bubble it in under "EXAM NUMBER;" an entry in error will result in an automatic 10% deduction. Bubble in the quiz form (see letter A -- D at bottom of page) in your scantron under "TEST FORM;" an error entering the "test form" will result in automatic 20% deductions, and may lead to disquali f cation. Write your name and 3 - digit ID at the bottom of this page and turn it in with your scantron when you are f nished working on the exam. 1) A trolley starts from rest and runs down a sloping track section onto a second, level section as shown. Friction is negligible. Which velocity - time graph below best represents the trolley's motion on both sections? Take dsplacement to be measured along the path of the trolley, increasing to the right. A) B) C) D) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name________________________________________ Student 3 - digit ID___________ version - page: 1
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2) If you jumped out of a plane, you would begin speeding up as you fall downward.
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midterm1-prac_wi11 grinstein - Physics 2A, Sec X00:...

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