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Calc III MIT Video TITLES - 19 Vector fields and line...

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I. Vectors and matrices 0 Vectors ( Note: Video is not available for this topic. ) 1 Dot product 2 Determinants; cross product 3 Matrices; inverse matrices 4 Square systems; equations of planes 5 Parametric equations for lines and curves 6 Velocity, acceleration - Kepler's second law 7 Review II. Partial derivatives 8 Level curves; partial derivatives; tangent plane approximation 9 Max-min problems; least squares 10 Second derivative test; boundaries and infinity 11 Differentials; chain rule 12 Gradient; directional derivative; tangent plane 13 Lagrange multipliers 14 Non-independent variables 15 Partial differential equations; review III. Double integrals and line integrals in the plane 16 Double integrals 17 Double integrals in polar coordinates; applications 18 Change of variables
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Unformatted text preview: 19 Vector fields and line integrals in the plane 20 Path independence and conservative fields 21 Gradient fields and potential functions 22 Green's theorem 23 Flux; normal form of Green's theorem 24 Simply connected regions; review IV. Triple integrals and surface integrals in 3-space 25 Triple integrals in rectangular and cylindrical coordinates 26 Spherical coordinates; surface area 27 Vector fields in 3D; surface integrals and flux 28 Divergence theorem 29 Divergence theorem (cont.): applications and proof 30 Line integrals in space, curl, exactness and potentials 31 Stokes' theorem 32 Stokes' theorem (cont.); review 33 Topological considerations - Maxwell's equations 34 Final review 35 Final review (cont.)...
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