Cinderella - Christie Paige [email protected]..

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Christie Paige [email protected] Saturday 8:30 AM Once upon a time in Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella two strangers fell in love for one another at first sight. A young girl named Cinderella dreamed of love and finding prince charming to sweep her up off her feet. Losing her mother at a young age and father passing away after remarrying, Cinderella was left to grow up with her step mother and two step sisters. They treated Cinderella with no respect, nor dignity taking advantage of her kind heart. Cinderella only wished for the chance to go to a ball and possibly meet the prince. Cinderella’s wish was granted one night by her Fairy Godmother to attend a magnificent ball. Cinderella only had until the stroke of midnight with the opportunity to attend the ball. This particular ball was extra special because the prince was to be choosing a maiden. According to the Prince, he was being forced to dance and mingle with all the maidens in the land in hopes he would soon wed one. Never formally introduced, the prince spotted a maiden he was smitten for and danced all night until the stroke of midnight when the maiden began to flee from the castle. The young maiden fleeing is non-other than Cinderella. Desperate not to let the prince see her in her haggard rags she ran quickly away from the ball leaving behind a glass
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Cinderella - Christie Paige [email protected]..

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