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Christie Paige Saturday 8:30 AM Blending familiar fairy tales Stephen Sondheim wrote music and lyrics for Into the Woods creating a magical production. The fairy tales came to life on an open proscenium stage with breath taking scenery. Taking multiple fairy tales and combining them into a musical that intertwines these very different stories into one magical piece capturing audience’s hearts. From the beginning of the play it draws the attention of the audience in by the birds chirping yet signifies the hint of suspicion when the cries of the wolf are heard. The suspicion of threat of wolf cries is immediately forgotten with a neutral colored scenery and upbeat jazzy music. The stage craft remains simple with the complexity of mingling the multiple fairy tales with three main cottages set in front of fire places. Even though the stage is simple the three cottages have distinct differences, fancy, poor and work place providing the flexibility of fairy tales to be brought to life from a two dimensional world. Although the props are basic they
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