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Unformatted text preview: Starry Messenger Christie Paige In Florence, Italy during the early 1600s Galileo Galilei wrote about his scientific studies of the universe in The Starry Messenger. Galileo wrote about his discoveries of the universe, the planets and constellations with in the sky. When Galileo first began his studies he did so with his naked eye until he heard that a certain Fleming had constructed an item that allowed objects from far away up close. This caught Galileo’s interest for the fact that he would be able to see the universe up close. A scientific revolution instrument that Galileo had only heard of was recreated by him to a powerful replica today known as the telescope. He wrote about all the ways the telescope worked, down to the every edge explaining the importance of each part. With this device he was able to see objects that could not be seen by the naked eye. The invention of the telescope allowed Galileo to see the moon, stars, and galaxies in up close detail. Galileo was able to see the allowed Galileo to see the moon, stars, and galaxies in up close detail....
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