Velocity of Autumn

Velocity of Autumn - Christie Paige...

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Christie Paige [email protected] Saturday 8:30 AM Class The Boise Contemporary Theatre introduced The Velocity of Autumn by Eric Coble directed by Michael Perlman telling the story of desperate hopes to live out free will, Lillian, played by Mary Portser, barricades herself in her New York townhome refusing to accept the wishes of her children to go to a nursing home. Lillian’s children tried everything they knew in efforts to help their mother including their last result, calling Tom. Tom played by Matthew Cameron Clark returns to New York to help his siblings get their mother to a nursing home and ended up helping his mother instead. Like mother like child, both were adventurous and free spirited. Tom’s return was a big deal to Lillian because he had been gone for so long traveling and living with his partner. Lillian was holding on to the last bit of what she shared with her husband, Tom’s father, and she was fighting for her right to keep her independence verses doing as her other children wished. The most important thing to remember from this play is that as life is lived, adventures are taken, sights are seen, and goals are accomplished all anyone has left in their later years is their pride and dignity. The Artistic Team created the aesthetics of an older home and era with their choice
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Velocity of Autumn - Christie Paige...

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