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1920s Flapper’s Website: 1920s fasionandmusic.com Christie Paige The 1920s was an era that women decided to take of the corset and be free. Stripping free from restricting petti coats and corsets the women found a new style. “Letting the waistbands go” Coco Channel said when she designed the flapper dress, a style that allowed women to dance as they pleased, revealing only enough to keep the imagination of men running wild. Women in the 1920s decided they were making their own rules such as wearing, drinking and sleeping with whom they pleased. This era not only allowed women to express themselves it drove men crazy and made them very profitable. This era of rebellious women rising created many famous icons in fashion, music, and acting that we still remember today. Coco Channel for example was the first women to sale her style of “no waistband” dresses such as a flapper gown. This style allowed the dress to flow freely along with the curves of a woman. The flapper dress became very popular during this time
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