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Andrew Carnegie Claim to fame for Andrew Carnegie, is rags to riches through investments and charity. Carnegie not only grew up working for pennies but continually progressed and out shined in every job he ever had. Hard work and dedication lead to the day that Carnegie operated his own steel company producing railroads and bridges. Carnegie’s life working hard, self-educating, and being a great citizen is a great example to all Americans and all immigrants. Carnegie lived the American dream, proving that it can happen. Even though he lived over a hundred years ago his story can still be related to. There are many immigrants still traveling to America for freedom, and the chance to live the American dream. As well, the children born to not so well to do families, are inspired by Carnegie’s example. Not only did he benefit from his own hard work but also made sure he gave back to the country that allowed him to do so. Carnegie did this by donating libraries, so others would be able to attain a
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Unformatted text preview: free self- education. I was inspired by Carnegies success. I realized I take my education, financial aid, and all other American freedoms for granted. Carnegies story also reminded me that even though I may not like my current job, I must do and be my best so I can one day move on. My eyes were opened to the fact that in my generation a lot of the now freedoms are expected, and we want the riches to just happen, rather than working for it. Most of all I took Carnegies quote to heart, The man who dies thus rich dies disgraced. To me this means that all the riches in the world dont matter if you are all alone, and if you are surrounded by others your life will be fuller.
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