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Great Depression - Great Depression New Deal and Dust Bowl...

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Great Depression, New Deal, and Dust Bowl I watched the Dust Bowl film showing a virgin land full of promise, hope and dreams that was soon destroyed by dirt in the1920s. The plains were plentiful and life was good. Then when the dirt moved in they began to live and breathe cornbread, milk, and dirt. One of the ladies from the video remembers feeling the grit of dirt in every bite and drink. There were dirt storms that were very powerful and over whelming taking over their lives. Listening to the hardships of their lives was very touching. Who knew that dirt could cause so much damage and heart ache. Across the plains the dust bowls were so intense that people could barely see their hands two inches in front of their faces. They would constantly cough up dirt, the width of a toothbrush and two to three inches long. Taking any inch of cloth they could find to cover their faces from inhaling dirt. Many suffered from what they called ‘dirt phenomena ‘. Taking any medicine remedies such as using skunks, sugar with turpentine, carousing and lard, all which seem so
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