Immigration and Urbanization

Immigration and Urbanization - Immigration and Urbanization...

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Immigration and Urbanization I always knew that coming to America was quite a struggle but I did not know it was to such extent. Being treated like cattle, loaded up, dropped off, examined, poked and pried, discarded or given the pass. It amazed me to discover that “Between, 1820-1920 over 60 million people left farms and small towns and villages.” I had no idea how many left their countries. I was also astonished to see the type of living quarter we once had in America. I thought the fact that so many left their country to come to a land where the “roads were paved of gold” was quite the advertisement. All these immigrants living in the slums, “four to sixteen families lived on a floor; two toilets in the hall of each floor” with a “population density of 334,000 people per square mile.” This was just absurd to me. I get annoyed living with one other person in about a 600 square foot townhome. That would mean I would be sharing my two bedroom townhome and surroundings with up to 129 other people. That would just be insane.
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