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‘Monkey Trial’ 1. Two different beliefs and perspectives also view conclusions differently. With both completely different sides claiming victories shows that one conclusion can be interpreted into many. Those who supported Darwin’s theory or at least thought it should be mentioned in our educational system began printing it in texts. The opposing side began to boycott all texts sending Darwin’s theory back to the dirt. The reason there were victories for both sides is because Darwin’s unbelievers got his theories thrown out of the education system but Darwin’s theory has forever remained a hot topic of research.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The unconstitutional views of incorporating Darwin’s belief into schools has raised time and time again because of the diversity it causes. It is a way for those who do not believe in a god to find a sense of belonging. Like the education systems are designed to do, open minds from objective points of view and only discussing one side would be unconstitutional and not discussing either side is also unconstitutional. Freedom of speech and religion have both expanded and hindered society; protecting beliefs and expanding others....
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