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Notes for discussion I believe history 101 101 History Aristotle’s politics stand out to me the most. Man creates society, creating rules, boundaries and most of all beneficial adjustments. Forming a society proves pure laziness or pure genius. There are the ones who are sufficient, a man of all trades, and do not need to rely on others to help them. Then there are others who are less sufficient and need the help or dependence on others. Working together benefits both parties, creating less work for the sufficient and more resources for the less sufficient. The one who takes charge forming rules and begins a society is among the greatest benefactors, not the ones whom are working in the daily grind to make such a production. Whom the beneficial adjustments helped depended on who was ruling or governing. More than most it benefited those who had birth right, direct blood relations. In some instances the playing field was leveled to where there was less separation between the rich and poor. For the most part many
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Unformatted text preview: people rely on others to tell them what to do and how to do it. Society has proven itself culture after culture and decade after decade the world is still the same. To me it is just like picking a state to live in. Although we are born and raised into a certain state (society) it is hard for us to just leave our family and friends or to up root them and move, instead we try to change the way the group thinks. We implement rules for certain decades and decades later change them. With a society that is continually growing and technology that is continually changing and progressing we will continually change our society to fit our needs for that time. Nothing will ever be perfect although we can try and should strive for common grounds. full of trades. It is easier to master one then to master many. and cant provide for self. Need someone to tell them what to do and how to do it. Everyone wants power once power is given, and some just want equal justice....
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