Oedipus Observation

Oedipus Observation - Christie Paige Class Saturday 8:30 AM...

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Unformatted text preview: Christie Paige Class: Saturday 8:30 AM The fascinating story of Oedipus, the king of Thebes, has many interpretations of the how the script should be put into action in theater or on screen. Using Don Taylor’s 1984 Greek version featuring Michael Pennington and Claire Bloom at the Theatre of Dionysus to interpret Oedipus is intriguing to how timeless he has made the film. Assuming Taylor’s intentions were to make the film timeless, there was no exact distinction of era throughout the whole design from scenic background, costumes, lighting and even sound. With a few items on stage Taylor was able to create a timeless image covering great distance. Looking at the stage, from right to left, there are great rocks, broken cross, and palace doors. The scene begins with people coming in from the center stage passing the broken cross. This instills people are traveling great distances from the wilderness, or from other towns. The broken cross represents the sense of abandonment, as if the town was not being taken care of and if there was...
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