Progressive era

Progressive era - Progressive era Christie Paige In the...

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Progressive era Christie Paige In the United States of America from the mid-1890s to World War 1 the American society investigated themselves and their surroundings unveiling corruption. Researching and investigating every aspect of their lives Americans knew their way of life during this era was not what they had dreamed of and could be so much better. Immigrants and born citizens alike were exposed to not only the deep dark secrets of their community but the cold hard truth. Americans knew their ways of life could be so much more enriched therefore took the responsibility for change into their own hands. Facing head on the issues of society, industrialization, urbanizations, social disorder, and political corruption the progressives began to reform their country with urgency. During the time of immediate action for change the Americans were known as progressives. Taking the iniciative for change and better ways of life into their own hands, the muckrakers began with exploiting all of the corruption. Americas’ weaknesses had no place to hide especially when knowledge of this corruption came from insiders. Exploitation was left to the muckrakers, also known as journalists, to tell of the corruptions from social disorder to political scandals leaving no secrets untold. Muckrakers worked for magazines and newspapers, selling stories to the highest bidders. One of the most popular national magazines was call
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Progressive era - Progressive era Christie Paige In the...

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