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Social Security Act - Social Security Act In 1935 the...

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Social Security Act In 1935 the government decided they were going to start welfare for the aged, disabled and unemployed. With a house full of Democrats eager to spend $4.8 billion they found a program worth investing in known as the Social Security Act. The Social Security Act (SS) was designed to help with the growing economic problems of disabled, unemployed and elderly individuals. With each year passing by the numbers of those who need help increase, as well as the dollar amount of support needed. Originally the SS program was designed to help with the elderly, disabled, and unemployed by providing equal dividend s for everyone regardless of status, race, age, or sex. This program had outstanding support from the government, especially since it is designed for the people and supported by the people. Individuals who attain jobs pay a set percent regardless of income and the money goes into a big pot that gets distributed to those in need, retired, or unemployed. Many people have benefited from this program and many hope to enjoy the same
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