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Christie Paige -Soc 290 Essay Question: Assume that you have large amounts of money, connections and power. What concrete steps could you take to mobilize the third side to peace making? Response: Assuming I had large amounts of money, connections and power the last thing on my mind would be third side peace making. Although if the occasion were to arise I would have to say that there are many things that I would change or find better ways of doing. In “The Third Side” by William Ury states that we should begin with our history, in the way we tell and educate others influences one another greatly. We could begin with being more optimistic and when talking about past history feuds we could explain both sides’ stories with respect and dignity. Learning and practicing conflict resolution skills begin within our individual homes teaching close family and friends. In doing this we can learn to mediate our own disputes. We also can practice bridge building skills within our own communities through service. Through service we learn natural skills of our own and those around us. These natural “role”
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