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ABOUT THE COMPANY Why did you choose to interview for this position? I believe that INROADS not only provides me with talent to meet my long-term workforce goals but can also provide access to professionals who can meet my immediate hiring needs. What can you do for this company? I believe my technical and interpersonal skills would make me a very good prospect for your internship. Also my bilingual background would add a global perspective that companies in the accounting services are looking for. What do you know about our company? I know that INROADS is a non-profit organization that recruits talented minority youths and places them in salaried multi-year internships with the world's leading corporations. Also Founded in 1970 by Frank Carr to fix what he thought was to be a lack of ethnic diversity in America. The organization originally only consisted of 25
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Unformatted text preview: college student interns and 17 sponsoring corporations. Since then now you have expanded to an international organization with 40 offices serving more than 2,300 Interns at over 200 companies. Why should we hire you? I am a highly skilled professional with experience, confidence and ability that would assure your internship a new employee making contribution while needing little guidance. I have a proven record with excellent references and eager to apply myself. Why do you want this internship? This is not only a fine opportunity, but this internship is a place where my qualifications can make a difference. It contains the challenge to keep me on my toes. That's the kind of job I like to be at every morning. What is Good Customer Service? Good customer service is treating customers with a friendly, helpful attitude....
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