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dan rooney final edit

dan rooney final edit - Assignment Oral Presentation I...

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Assignment: Oral Presentation I Assignment Information –Either postal mail me a copy on cd/dvd or upload the file on Moodle. If this doesn’t work, try emailing. Maximum grade: 50 Due date: Thursday, July 22, 2010 Must be in NJ by this date Instructions: In two to four minutes, describe a well-known business executive, living or dead. Begin speech with impact; motivate audience to listen. I will provide a rubric so you cover the points required. NOW remember Murphy’s Law is going to prevail. It is always a crap shot as to whether these types of files will open or transmit via Moodle or even emailing. So another option is to mail the DVD to instructor at: Dr. Bill McPherson, 300 Pine Avenue, Manasquan, NJ 08736. If necessary, use overnight mail. Late submissions will not be accepted. Must be at my address on the above mentioned date. I have made both oral presentations due on the same date in order to allow you to only have to postal mail it to me if the other methods do not work.
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