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CHEM 281 - 2011-3 Problem Set 4 - WEEK5

CHEM 281 - 2011-3 Problem Set 4 - WEEK5 - Please redo it in...

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1 CHEMISTRY 281-4 (2011-3). Dr. Pete Wilson ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I: PROBLEM SET 4. WEEK 5 – LECTURE 14 Problems from Bruice (in part), 6e Organic Chemistry Custom Volume 1 ¾ For discussion in tutorials (Week 6 ) in addition to any other general questions you may have about the course material. Problems Problems (Chapter 2), Conformations: 39. Problems (Chapter 2), cis - and trans - Isomerism of Cyclic and Bicyclic Alkanes:. 43a-e, 46. Problems (Chapter 5), Stereochemistry: 5, 8a, 67. ¾ In addition, Inter-term Examination 1 will be reviewed. I will have posted it on the Course web-page.
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Unformatted text preview: Please redo it in your own time – you should be able to answer all of the questions yourself. The solutions to this exam will be posted subsequently. ¾ Of note: The second Inter-term Examination will focus on the material covered in the following lectures. However, this builds on the material covered in class to date which you need to understand…. Suggested Reading: Please read ahead about Stereochemistry* and Acids and Bases . * Fischer projection formula will be discussed in CHEM 282 in relation to the depiction of the stereochemistry of carbohydrates (sugars)....
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