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CHEM 281 - 2011-3 Problem Set 6 - WEEK 7(1)

CHEM 281 - 2011-3 Problem Set 6 - WEEK 7(1) - 2 Assigning...

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CHEMISTRY 281-4 (2011-3). Dr. Pete Wilson ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I: PROBLEM SET 6. WEEK 7 – LECTURE 18 (Wednesday, 19 October) Problems from Bruice, 6e Organic Chemistry Custom Volume 1 For discussion in tutorials (Week 8 ) in addition to any other general questions you may have about the course material. No Assigned Problems It’s time to catch up! Please review the following concepts/topics: 1. Drawing the conformations of substituted-cyclohexanes.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Assigning the absolute stereochemistry of chiral compounds ( R / S-nomenclature). 3. Acids and bases: What is a strong and weak acid or base? and why… 4. “Pushing curly arrows” to explain reaction mechanisms – the breaking and making of covalent bonds. The TAs will review these topics in Week 8 tutorials. Please select your own problems from your textbook to reinforce your understanding of these concepts and topics. 1...
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