AP Chapter 11 Outline

AP Chapter 11 Outline - AP Chemistry Chapter 11 Outline:...

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AP Chemistry Chapter 11 Outline: States of Matter and Intermolecular Forces Intermolecular vs. Intramolecular attractions - Intermolecular forces are between molecules and involve forces such as dispersion, dipole and hydrogen bonding. - Intramolecular forces are within the molecule itself and are more related to electronegativities, formal charge and bond energy. Properties of the three common states of matter: Gas: Expands to fill its container; neither fixed volume or shape; easily compressed Liquid: Fixed volume; takes on the shape of its container; nearly incompressible Solid: Fixed volume and shape; nearly incompressible Phase changes: Melting (fusion): solid liquid Freezing: liquid solid Vaporization: liquid gas Condensation gas liquid Sublimation: solid gas Deposition: gas solid The term vapor is used over gas for those substances that are more commonly found in the liquid or gas state under normal conditions. Enthapies: Condensation/Vaporization: Expressed in kJ/mol The temperature of a substance does not change during a phase transition Vaporization is endothermic and has a positive enthalpy Condensation is exothermic and has a negative enthanlpy H cond = - H vap Freezing/Melting: Freezing = Enthalpy of fusion; Melting = -Enthalpy of fusion
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AP Chapter 11 Outline - AP Chemistry Chapter 11 Outline:...

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