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Lecture Slides Western Civilizations Their History & Their Culture NINETEENTH EDITION by Joshua Cole Carol Symes © 2016 W.W. Norton & Co., Inc.
Lecture Slides Chapter 18 The French Revolution Joshua Cole Carol Symes
Introduction France considered to be the center of European culture Time of European Revolution against concept of ancien régime Monarchies desperate to maintain control Aristocrat nobles resented monarchical inroads on ancient freedoms Middle class resented a society of privilege for nobility that was outmoded and ignored realities of new commercial economics Peasants, the bulk of European citizens, resented the increasing demands of the central government, both nobility and monarchy. The age of revolution spread throughout lands of European influence
The Atlantic Revolutions Western Civilizations Their History & Their Culture, 19 th Edition © 2016 W.W. Norton & Co., Inc.
Overview of the French Revolution Moderate stage: 1789 92 Mostly peaceful Monarchy vs Nobility; both hope to use Third estate as leverage Ends with creation of new constitution, legislative monarchy Radical stage (The Terror): 1792 94 Peaceful outcomes undone by poor unexperienced leadership, legislative and Louis XVI France declaring war on Austria and Prussia Fears that gains of revolution being attacked from within leads to radical overthrow of new government The Directory: 1794 99 Civil War erupts causing nation to drift External war continues to impact revolution, leading to more overthrows of various government attempts Napoleon: 1799 1815 Working with Abbe Sieyes, able to consolidate control Citizens of France elect Napoleon as Emperor in 1804