AP Chemistry chapter 9_10 review.

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Energy ________ σ* 2p ________ ________ π* 2p ________ σ 2p ________ ________ π 2p ________ σ* 2s ________ σ 2s ________ σ* 1s ________ σ 1s AP Chemistry Chapter 9/10 Review 1. Assume that the energy-level diagram given at right applies to the ions CN + and CN - . a. Which ion has the stronger carbon to nitrogen bond? b. Is either of the ions paramagnetic? Explain. 2. Hydrogen forms ionic compounds with certain metals in which it is present as the hydride ion, H - . Determine the electron affinity of H through a Born-Haber calculation, using a lattice energy of -812kJ/mol NaH and the following data: Enthalpy of sublimation of Na = +107kJ/mol; 1 st ionization energy of Na = +496kJ/mol; the bond dissociation energy of hydrogen gas is 436kJ/mol; enthalpy of formation of NaH (s) = -56.27kJ/mol 3. In the stratosphere, the reaction of ozone (O
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