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AP lab technique topics

AP lab technique topics - AP lab technique topics 1 Pipets...

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AP lab technique topics: 1. Pipets and laboratory glassware - Approximate measurement glassware: Erlenmeyer Flask Beaker - Precise measurement glassware: Graduated Cylinder Volumetric Flask (Good for one precise volume) Pipet (graduated)(May be either precise for one volume or continuously graduated) Buret - Always read to the bottom of the meniscus (bottom of the concave shape of the liquid). Remember that you are always allowed one digit of estimation in a measurement, so if glassware is calibrated in tenths of a mL, you should be able to report to a hundredth of a mL. - Pipet “bulbs” that are more advanced typically have a rubber bulb or thumb roller that sucks liquid up into the pipet. Once liquid is in the pipet, it can be delivered through a finger controlled button on the side of the pipet bulb. - When pouring or decanting liquid from a beaker, a glass stirring rod should be used to control the flow of the liquid.
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