AP Lecture chp2 Kotz

AP Lecture chp2 Kotz - Atoms and Elements Electrostatics...

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1 Electrical Charge is fundamental to our understanding of the atom Atoms and Elements Electrostatics had been discovered by the time of Benjamin Franklin (late 1700’s) Radioactivity 1896- Henri Becquerel: Discovered uranium ore emitted rays that exposed photographic plates protected by black paper 1898- Marie/Pierre Curie: Isolated polonium and radium which emitted the same kind of rays Suggested particles emitted through atomic disintegration Contradicted Dalton’s atomic theory which states that atoms are indivisible α , β and γ radiation Radiation Movie 1 Radiation Movie 2 Components of the Atom Electrons Primarily discovered by J.J. Thomson in 1897 by discovery of “negatively charged” cathode rays using Cathode Ray Tube (Crookes tube) Determined charge to mass ratio of the electron. Thomson’s method for determining the charge to mass ratio (q/m) for the electron Thomson developed the “plum pudding” model of the atom
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2 Robert Millikan (1909): Millikan’s Oil-drop Experiment Discovered the charge on the electron (-1.602x10 -19 C) Millikan’s Experiment Movie Eugen Goldstein (1886) – Discovered positively charged “canal” rays (positively charged nuclei of atoms, with hydrogen having the smallest mass). Protons and the Nucleus 1910- Ernest Rutherford: Gold foil experiment -Also experimented with alpha irradiated gaseous elements: Alpha deflection proportional to atomic mass
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AP Lecture chp2 Kotz - Atoms and Elements Electrostatics...

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