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Unformatted text preview: AP Chemistry Chapter 8 Practice Problems 1. Write the full electron configuration of the Period 2 element with the following successive IEs (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. ionization energy) (in KJ/mol): IE1 = 801; IE2 = 2427; IE3 = 3659; IE4 = 25,022; IE5 = 32,822 2. How many unpaired electrons are present in the ground state of an atom from group 5A? 3. Rank the ions in the following set in order of decreasing size; Te2‐, Cs+, I‐ 4. Given the following elements S, K, F, B which one will have the; a) lowest IE1 b) most negative EA1 c) largest atomic radius d).most unpaired electrons (in their ground state) e) greatest shielding of valence electron(s) from core electrons 5. A fundamental law of electrostatics states that the energy required to separate opposite charges of magnitude Q1 and Q2 that are distance d apart is a function of Q1Q2/d2. Use this law and any other factors to explain the following observations: a) The IE2 of He (Z = 2) is more than twice the IE1 of H (Z = 1) b) The IE1 of He is less than twice the IE1 of H 6. How much energy would be required to ionize 5.00mg of Na(g) atoms to Na+(g) ions? The first ionization energy of Na atoms is 496kJ/mol 7. Write the condensed orbital box diagram for Co2+ in its ground state electron configuration. Is the ion paramagnetic? 8. Give a reasonable set of quantum numbers for the outermost electron in the ground state of aluminum. 9. How many electrons in a given atom can have the values n = 5, l = 3, ms = ‐ ½ 10. Given that the internuclear distance for an iodine molecule is 266pm and that of a chlorine molecule is 198pm, determine the internuclear distance for the molecule ICl, iodine monochloride. ...
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