Chemintro11_12 - Chemistry: Introduction and Expectations...

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Chemistry: Introduction and Expectations chemintro11_12.docx Instructor: Mr. Feebeck Room: 70 Office Hours: Mon, Wed and Thurs after school or by appointment Web address: E-mail: Textbooks: AP Chemistry: th ed., Kotz, Treichel and Weaver; Thomson, 2006 Hon. Chemistry: Chemistry: Principles and Reactions Updated 5 th ed., Masterton & Hurley; Brooks/Cole, 2006 Chemistry: Introductory Chemistry: Concepts and Critical Thinking 6 th ed., Corwin; Prentice Hall, 2011 Introduction: Welcome to chemistry. My hope is that this class will present you with a greater appreciation and understanding of the chemistry that takes place all around you. Every aspect of the universe involves the application of chemistry in one way or another. By its definition, chemistry is the systematic approach to understanding matter, its composition, behavior and changes. This definition covers everything from the unseen atoms that make up your DNA to the behavior of the inside of the Sun. Since ancient times, people have pondered questions concerning the composition of matter and how it could be manipulated to better suit the needs of society. The major epochs of civilization (the Bronze Age, etc.) were designated by the chemical technologies that had been developed at the time. Many questions about chemistry have been answered; many more are left waiting to be answered. Bear in mind that the future of medical technology; cleaner, more efficient forms of energy; the production of greater quantities of food to feed the world; the power of computers and a myriad of other things will be a direct result of our ability to understand and manipulate the composition and behavior of matter. The nature of everything around you, both seen and unseen are based
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Chemintro11_12 - Chemistry: Introduction and Expectations...

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