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R = .0821 Latm/molK Note: Only use this gray area if you are using the automatic solver function 1 Calculated concentration results from SOLVER function: A: 1.001 C: 0.999 Manual Determination B: 1.001 D: 0.999 1 1 1 1 Current Q value: 1.0000 1 1 1 1 Input Initial Conditions (mol/L): Solver Changing Cell: 0.00100 Solver Target Cell: 0.9960 A: 1 a: 1 The information above is for using the SOLVER tool only. C c D d B: 1 b: 1 If Solver doesn't appear in the Tools menu, then it hasn't been installed into Excel. A a B b C: 1 c: 1 In this case, the Solver add-in must be installed or the concentration change must D: 1 d: 1 be determined manually. Manual Determination Input: Concentration change 0 if the reaction is proceeding in the right direction. Note that you may need to enter negative values. See note below. so a negative concentration change results in the opposite effect.
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Unformatted text preview: Set "Equal to" value in the solver requester to the desired K value. the coefficients. However, keep in mind that any concentration entered for that reactant or product will be meaningless. K p = K c (RT) ∆ n Input Desired K c Value: (Values for A, B, C and D only valid AFTER using solver) Information for use with Solver in the Tools menu As you enter values manually compare Current Q with the desired K c value to determine Note: "Concentration change" is subtracted from the products and added to the reactants, Note: Set Solver Changing Cell with a seed value > 0 but less than smallest concentration. Note: To use this spreadsheet with fewer than two reactants or two products, enter 0 as Equilibrium Expression of the Form aA + bB ↔ cC + dD...
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