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AP Lab Correction Rubric General Formatting (5pts) -Is the lab type written? -Are the sections of the report given in the proper order? -Are spelling and grammar correct (i.e. is it clear that the student proof-read their lab)? -Is the lab titled and does the student provide class information consistent with the MLA heading? -Is the text of the lab easy to follow? -Is text single spaced and are sections separate from one another and clearly labeled? -Are personal references avoided (i.e. “we did this or that”) Introduction (Purpose/Background) (10pts) -Are the concepts/theories behind the lab (not procedures) explained. -Does the student adequately convey that they understand how the lab works and why it works? -Are the goals and objectives of the experiment clearly stated? -Is the reference experiment cited? Methods (Procedures) (10pts) -Does the student give a clear and comprehensive summary of the procedures (i.e. what was done) in the lab?
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