Scientist Summary 05

Scientist Summary 05 - (1897) Recognized cathode rays as...

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Noted Scientists in Chemistry Plato (427-347BC) Continuous matter view Aristotle (384-322BC) Continuous matter view Democritus (460-370BC) “Atomos” – indivisible basic matter Roger Bacon (13 th cent) Father of the scientific method Antoine Lavosier (1774) Law of Conservation of matter Joseph Proust (1799) Law of constant composition (Definite proportions) JJ Berzelius (1779-1848) Shown through combination of lead with sulfur John Dalton (1803-1808) Dalton’s Atomic Theory Law of Multiple Proportions William Crookes (1870’s) Crooke’s Tube (Cathode Ray Tube, isotopes) Eugen Goldstein (1886) Discovered “canal” rays Wilhelm Röentgen (1895) Discovered X-rays Antoine Becquerel (1896) Discovered Radioactivity J.J. Thomson
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Unformatted text preview: (1897) Recognized cathode rays as electrons, determined m/e ratio. Plum Pudding Model Max Planck (1900) Light is composed of quantized packets of energy. Robert Millikan (1909) Oil drop experiment, determined charge on electron Ernest Rutherford (1910) Gold foil experiment Nuclear Model of the Atom (1919) – Proton discovered James Chadwick (1932) Discovered the neutron by bombarding beryllium with alpha particles Niels Bohr (1913) Solar System model of atom based on spectroscopic analysis Louis DeBroglie (1924) Determined the wave nature of matter Erwin Schrodinger (1927) Wave Mechanical Model Werner Heisenberg (1920’s)Uncertainty Principle...
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Scientist Summary 05 - (1897) Recognized cathode rays as...

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