151-152 Lab Notebook and Lab Reports

151-152 Lab Notebook and Lab Reports - Pima Community...

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Pima Community College West Campus CHM 151-152 Laboratory Notebooks and Laboratory Reports THE LABORATORY NOTEBOOK INTRODUCTION Chemistry is an experimental science. As such, much of the progress of chemistry depends on the communication of scientific data and experimental results between researchers. It is important, therefore, that a course in chemistry should teach how to accurately record scientific data and experimental results through the use of the laboratory notebook and laboratory reports. THE LABORATORY NOTEBOOK The laboratory notebook is meant to be a permanent record of the experimental data and observations that one measures or observes during experiments. During the laboratory period all data and observations are to be recorded DIRECTLY into the laboratory notebook and NOT on separate sheets of paper nor the data pages of the experiment or laboratory manual. The laboratory notebook is meant to be used as a WORKBOOK , it is functional, not pretty. It will contain both satisfactory and unsatisfactory results, errors and corrections, calculations, graphs, and other information from the laboratory experiments. Since all entries are made in the laboratory, it is expected that the information be orderly, legible, and clearly labeled, sufficient so that the information is comprehensible to someone with training comparable to your own. The notebook will not be graded on its appearance, it will be graded mainly on its content. The laboratory notebook must be a BOUND book with sewn-in pages and a cover, such as a "Composition Book" or equivalent. Spiral, loose-leaf, and perfect binding (pasted-in pages) notebooks are NOT ACCEPTABLE . Quadrille pages are preferred, but lined pages are acceptable. The suggested guidelines for keeping the laboratory notebook are listed below: ( NOTE: Your laboratory instructor may request that the information you record in your laboratory notebook differs from this format to fit the requirements for your particular laboratory course.) SUGGESTED RULES FOR KEEPING THE LABORATORY NOTEBOOK 1. All entries must be made in INK . 2. All pages in the notebook must be numbered consecutively, beginning with the first page. 3. The first two sheets (pages 1 through 4) reserved for a TABLE OF CONTENTS , which must be kept up to date with the number of the experiment (number them consecutively), the title of the experiment, and the notebook page on which it begins. 4. When recording information in the notebook, write on the RIGHT-HAND PAGES only (unless a double page is needed for a large table or graph). Generally, the left-hand pages are used for notes or calculations for the experiment.
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2 5. Under no circumstances should an erroneous entry be erased or obliterated. If an error is made, either draw a single horizontal line through it or a single X through it, leaving the error readable (you may later decide that the erroneous value was usable). The correct data should be recorded nearby.
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151-152 Lab Notebook and Lab Reports - Pima Community...

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