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Vernier Drop Counter Instructions - Vernier Drop Counter...

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Vernier Drop Counter The Vernier Drop Counter is used to perform accurate, automatic titrations. This digital sensor is used in conjunction with a pH Sensor (or other sensor) to accurately record drops of titrant added (or mL of titrant, with calibration of drop size) during a titration. Using Logger Pro or Drop Counter software on a Windows or Macintosh ® computer, you can collect data, and view plots of pH vs. volume, first derivative vs. volume, or second derivative vs. volume. The Vernier Drop Counter has an optical-path slot that is 5.7 cm (2.25 in.) in length. When the infrared beam between the source and detector is blocked by a drop of titrant, a digital signal is sent to the LabPro, and the data collection program records a drop. The drops are then converted to volume units (e.g., milliliters), using a calibration feature in the software. Directions 1. Calibration of Drop Volume (in mL) To calibrate drops so that the volume of titrant is recorded in units of milliliters, choose Calibrate Drops in your program. This menu choice helps you to measure the volume of an individual drop by counting the number of drops that pass through the Vernier Drop Counter and dividing by the total volume of the drops. Procedure a. Connect the pH Sensor to CH 1 of the LabPro or CBL 2 interface, and connect the cable of the Vernier Drop Counter to the Dig/Sonic 1 channel. Attach the LabPro to a computer. b. On the Logger Pro program, click on Experiment and then Set Up Sensors on the menu. Select Auto Detect Sensors.
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c. Assemble the apparatus according to Figure 1. But do not put the pH sensor in the drop counter. d. Connect the spout and two 2-way valves to the plastic reagent reservoir. Note: There are two 2-way valves below the reagent reservoir. The bottom valve is used as an on-off valve (either completely open or completely shut). The top
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Vernier Drop Counter Instructions - Vernier Drop Counter...

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