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57:020 TEST # 2 Fall 2006 1. Determine the magnitude and direction of the anchoring force needed to hold the horizontal elbow and nozzle combination shown in the Figure in place. The gage pressure at section (1) is 100 kPa. At section (2), the water exits to the atmosphere. Water density is 999kg/m 3 . Figure 1 (for Problem 1) Figure 2 (for Problem 2) 2. Water is to be pumped from the large tank shown in the Figure with an exit velocity of 6 m/s. It was determined that the original pump (pump 1) that supplies 1 kW of power to the water did not produce the desired velocity. Hence, it is proposed that an additional pump (pump 2) be installed as indicated to increase the flowrate to the desired value. How much power must pump 2 add to the water? The head loss for this flow is h L = 250Q 2 , where h L is in m when Q is in m 3 /s. Water density is 999kg/m 3 . 3. Oil (SAE 30) flows between parallel plates spaced b=5 mm apart. The bottom plate is fixed,
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